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Choosing Best Country to Study Abroad – Top 5 Factors (2024)

Today Opportunities Radar is here with an exciting blog for the students who wants to pursue their education abroad! Today we will be discussing top 5 factors that you should keep in mind while Choosing Best Country to Study Abroad.

Studying abroad is dream of many! However, selecting the best country to live and study involves a deep insight of various factors about that country.

Some of the most important and valuable factors are enumerated below:

1. Tuition fee Expenses

The first thing a person thinks when he plans for studying abroad is that how much will it cost to study in any country in their favorite major. It is sometimes the case that the international students may anticipate to pay more because of currency differences.

Noting’s a better investment then to invest in your future and studying abroad in your favorite major is a very fine form of future investment.

2. Living Expense

Studying abroad involves a lot of expenses and above all is the living expenses which includes room rent, grocery, messing, recreation, purchasing studying accessories. The economical conditions of the country plays a major role in shortlisting the country to live in.

3. Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Multiple countries and the universities provide a dozen of different scholarships and assistances to the students. The scholarship varies in terms of amount, duration and sometimes is specific to a specific region, ethnic group or type of students.

The scholarships are public and private as well and there are scholarships which benefits students from underrepresented groups and nations and aim at refining their talents from the region and send them back to improve the living condition of their country and to work for betterment of their homeland.

4. Requirement of a student Visa

There are study abroad student visa’s which most of the countries grant to the applicants who are aspirant to live in the country and study in any university. This is far most one of the most curtail and time constraint factor. Students are required to closely monitor the closing dates of the university admissions, visa application submission dates and acceptance of visa application dates.

As a rough guideline always apply 1 to 3 months in advance so that at the end of the day you’re away from any rush.

5. Standard of Education and Infrastructure

A university, school of institution which provides the most conducive environment to learning is always preferred. The level of investment an institute is doing in its students can be judged by the quality of buildings, classrooms, labs and libraries.

State of the art facilities which are provided by many universities can be considered as standards to gauge an educational institute. Students now never prefer a university which does not provide essential equipment for their research.


Besides numerous factors the above 5 factors are the most curtail and important to consider a country to study abroad. If yore looking to go abroad for your studies, note down the above points and mark your country if choice against each point. You’ll come up to a conclusion about the authenticity of your choice.

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