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Meta Data Analyst Professional Certificate Course 2024

Good news for the learners who are looking for online professional courses from the top companies! A newly launched Meta Data Analyst Professional Certificate Course 2024 is now accepting applications. Are you interested in embarking on a professional career with data analytics? You can start enhancing your skills from a beginner to an advanced level in a maximum of 5 months with a Meta Data Analyst Professional Certificate by Coursera!

To make the maximum reach for the course Meta is offering the course in English and 20 other languages, such as Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Bahasa Indonesia, French, etc. There is a flexible schedule to study the course within 5 months at 10 hours a week; this allows the students to learn everything at their own pace and not burden themselves!

What is Data Analysis?

Sound Analytical skills are the only attribute which differs an extraordinary candidate from an ordinary candidate. Data analysis is collecting data processing it and analyzing data to extract relevant data for effective decision-making and strategy in an organization.

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Meta Data Analyst Professional Certificate Course 2024 Details

The course is starting on May 5th, with fees of US $49 per month, however, financial support is also available for the deserving candidates. The best thing about this Meta course is that you’ll have the opportunity to be taught by professional instructors remotely, such as:

  • Brandon Larkin
  • Anke Audenaert
  • Cameron Dodd
  • Victor Geislinger

These instructors are not just professional teachers; they have a following of thousands of learners and years of expertise in the analytical field.

Meta Data Analyst Course Outline

There is a total of 5 courses to study:

  1. Introduction to Data Analytics
  2. Data analysis with spreadsheets and SQL
  3. Python data analysis
  4. Statistics for marketing
  5. An Introduction to Data Management

Skills you will Learn

The primary purpose of the certification is to gain a set of skills which will help you in your future endeavours. Besides having a professional degree having an extra skill will boost your resume and make you a strong candidate amongst multiple options whenever you sit for a job interview in any country. The skills which this certification will teach you are appended below: –

  1. Visualize data need
  2. Skill to collect and evaluate data
  3. Cleaning and sorting collected data in relevant data set
  4. Implement the OSEMN learning and data analysis process and use its framework, using a structured and complete approach.
  5. Use hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and statistical analysis to make quality decisions.
  6. Understand the basic principles of how to manage data effectively using the data assets within any organization.

Technical Skills

Opportunities radar will congratulate you after 5 months when you’ll have the following set of technical skills after completing your course: –

  • SQL
  • Python Programming
  • Pandas
  • Data Analysis

Learning Outcomes At The End Of The Course:

  • Get professional training from Meta.
  • Apply your proficiency to portfolio-ready projects.
  • Get an employer-recognized certificate from Meta.
  • Earn successful, in-demand jobs for the positions of Associate Data Analyst, Business Analyst, and Data Analyst.

The course will not just impart theoretical knowledge in you but besides that, you’ll get multiple practice options through hands-on projects to polish your new data analysis skills through:-

  • Use of spreadsheets – For cleaning and filtering data
  • Use of Python – For sorting and exploring data
  • Use of Tableau –  To visualize results
  • Classifying sources of data
  • Use of Statistical analyses

Data Analyst Salary Range and Job Openings

$82,000+ US salary is set for data analytics, which can be your future salary goal after completion of this course.

In addition, there are more than 90,000 U.S. job openings in data analytics.

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Meta Data Analyst Professional Course Benefits

The world is in a new race of AI and getting a life-changing opportunity of learning a skill in AI is not less than one in a million opportunity. Besides being able to sit in the cabin of people with leading skills in the technological world, certain benefits you’ll be getting are:-

  • A recognized completion certificate by Meta.
  • Career support.
  • Resume improvement.
  • Interview Preparation.
  • High-growth job roles and market-competitive salaries.
  • The course is taught in English and 20 other languages
  • You do not need a degree or any sort of experience to apply for this certification.
  • Flexible schedule to study the course (within 5 months at 10 hours a week)
  • You can mention the certification in your resume, CV, LinkedIn profile and social media platforms as well as in your performance review.

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Free Trial:

Get a 7-day free trial by Coursera in case of cancellation without any penalty after subscription.

How to Apply?

The enrollment process is through the Coursera platform, Visit the official link below and enrol for the course.


Already 2000+ students have enrolled for the course therefore don’t miss out on this opportunity. Note: you can also apply for financial assistance on the Coursera platform.


The program is designed to acquaint the candidate with basic data analysis principles and the ways to use the OSEMN framework to tackle repeated analytics questions. Besides this, ways and methods of using SQL, Python, and Tableau to visualize the data need, collecting and analyzing it is the main mandate of the course.


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