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New Google AI Essentials Course 2024 | Learn from Google Experts

Learn AI Skills with Google AI Essentials!

Google has recently launched its New Google AI Essentials Course 2024! Are you eager to learn real-world technologies like Artificial Intelligence and use them practically for your career enhancement? Start this affordable and effective AI course on “Coursera” with a flexible schedule and financial aid!

There are five essential modules will be covered in this course, and each of these modules requires 1 or 2 hours to fully study or understand. There are two languages available for studying in this course: English and Portuguese. 

In addition, the Google AI Essentials course demands a total of 9 hours to complete with a division of 3 hours per week. Running out of time and have other things to do as well? No worries, there’s a flexible schedule to learn at your own convenience.

Importance of Google AI Essentials Course:

No need to learn programming or any other software, the Google AI course can help you to rule the power of generative AI tools meanwhile enhancing your idea-building capability. It will aid the process by possessing engaging and informational content, organizing your daily workflow, and supporting decision-making.

Be a requirement to create a catchy headline, generate engaging content, or enhance a boring summary, Google Ai Fundamentals will cover you with everything! With the ever-changing tech world and its advancing nature, AI will help you stay updated with the latest trends and strategies to make your content stand out.

About Google AI Essentials Course 2024

  • Host Organization: Google
  • Open for: All Nationals
  • Academic Background: Not Required
  • Course Type: Self Paced
  • Application Starts: 30th April 2024

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Benefits of Google AI course:

  1. Gain effective skills such as Prompt Engineering, Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence, and Large Languages Models (LLMs) to help your career growth in the long run.
  2. You will receive a certificate from Google upon course completion, which you can give to prospective employers and others in your network.
  3. In addition, position yourself for success in the fast-paced workplace of today by utilizing AI as a useful collaboration tool.
  4. Gain consistency in learning AI with the best platform in the world, i.e., Google, on a weekly and flexible schedule.

Basic Fees:

  • Start today with $49 USD only.

*Students also have the option to apply for financial aid.

Components Of Course:

  • Course materials including videos, readings, and discussion forums.
  • Complete the graded assignments.
  • Final grade at the end of the course.
  • Shareable Course Certificate.

How to Apply?

Enrollment in Google AI will start on 30 April 2024, to apply you need to enroll through the official link that we will be mentioning in this post. Students can also apply for the “Financial Aid” option is available next to the “Enroll now” button.

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Earn AI Certificate by Google

Once you complete the course you will be awarded a digital certificate by Google that you can share on your LinkedIn profiles and with future employees to show your competency in AI skills.

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