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IBM Data Science Certificate Course 2024

IBM Data Science Certificate Course 2024 is something you should not miss out on! Developing a skill set in this generation is of paramount importance. The second most important thing is to develop the skills in the field on utmost demand. Here is the Opportunities radar for you, bringing the most demanded skill course that is prepared by IBM experts.

What is Data Science and Job Role?

Data science is a growing field. Data science is the field in which we use statistics, data science, information processing, processes, algorithms, and other means to abstract knowledge and to get insights from unsystematic, systematic, organized, un-organized, ambiguous or clear, structured, or unstructured data

 A Data scientist arranges the relevant data and makes it available to the expected questions. They have a sharp business knack and worthy analytical skills. They have the ability to mine, scrutinize, and present data.

In generations to come and growing IT AI, data science and data science are undoubtedly the emerging trends of the future world!

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About IBM Data Science Certificate Course 2024

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate offered by “Coursera” helps you begin as a recognized professional in data science. This course is taught in English and 22 other languages, such as Dutch, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, and more. Moreover, you can have the opportunity to be under the supervision of 12 course instructors, including Dr. Pooja, Rav Ahuja, Alex Aklson, Azim Hijrani, and more.

Applicants belonging to any field or major can enroll for this course other than that there is no experience required to enroll it’s a beginner-level course. Three hundred one thousand eighty-eight members have already enrolled in the course, and you should be the next to grab this amazing Coursera opportunity with $39 USD per month and get your job ready in 5 months.

  • Course Prepared by: IBM
  • Course: Data Science Professional Certificate Course
  • Experience: Beginner Level
  • Course Duration: 5 Months
  • Schedule: Flexible Timing
  • Already Enrolled: 3,00,000+
  • Certification: Available

Skill Set

After completing the course you’ll not only get a certificate, but you will also learn the following skill set: –

  • You’ll learn the latest practical techniques and knowledge that data scientists employ on a daily basis.
  • You’ll be able to gather, analyze, and finalize the machine-learning models
  • You’ll be taught all the necessary tools, essential languages including SQL and Python, and important software to become a professional data analyst.

Here comes your part; practically implement your new knowledge in a befitting manner in on-ground projects, make your profile mentioning your success stories with the help of projects you’ve performed as a data scientist, and get your dream job.

This is not the only benefit you’ll gain from the platform of opportunities radar. With this course you’ll also get the following skills:-

  • Data Science
  • Big Data
  • Python Programming
  • Github
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Methodology
  • SQL
  • Rstudio
  • Data Mining
  • Jupyter notebooks

Completion of Course

Get a complete portfolio of data science projects by the time you finish the entire program, giving you the confidence to ace your interviews. In addition, you will also have access to IBM’s Talent Network. This is an amazing way to view job openings as soon as they are listed, get suggestions based on your interests and skill set, and get advice on how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Get a certificate of completion and share the details of this course on your CV, Resume, and LinkedIn.

Apart from this, you’ll have:

  • 12 college credits 
  • 6 ECTS credits

It is pertinent to mention here that even as of now there are almost 69,000+ job openings in Data Science in the US and the median U.S. salary for Data Science is $138,000+


You’ll get an IBM badge as soon as you complete the course, Coursera will email you with instructions on how to claim the badge after completion of the course.

Projects to be Worked on

  • Utilizing the Pandas Python package, extract and graph financial data.
  • To work on demographic data sets about schools, crimes, and the census, use SQL.
  • Use data science to organize data, make graphs and plots, and develop regression models to forecast home prices with Python modules.
  • Build a dynamic Python dashboard to track, analyze, and enhance the dependability of domestic flights in the US.
  • Utilize and contrast machine learning classification techniques to determine the likelihood of loan case repayment.
  • In order to determine whether a space launch can reuse a rocket’s first stage, train and compare machine learning models.

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Subscription Details

  • Watch lectures, try assignments, participate in discussion forums, and more.
  • The certificate has unlimited access to complete assignments, watch lecture content, discussions, and more.
  • The Coursera charges 39$ per month for the course.
  • The free trial is for seven days only.

Enroll for the course for the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate today!


Coursera charges 39$ per month for the course you can complete the course before 5 months to save some amount.

You can also get the financial aid you need to apply for the financial aid through Coursera.

Apply for IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Course


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