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Shell Summer Internship & Management Trainee Program 2024

Shell Summer Internship & Management Trainee Program for session 2024 is live now! A great opportunity for the students and graduates who want to work in Shell. Shell has recently announced its Management Trainee and Internship program through its official LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Opportunities Radar would be the first platform to share this news with you. Students & Graduates from all over Pakistan are invited to submit the application. The last date for the submission of the application is 26th May 2024.

Shell is one of the renowned multinational oil and gas companies and has 600+ network sites all across the country it is one of the recognized brands in Pakistan and all across the world. The Internship and trainee programs are offered in a wide range of disciplines whether technical or commercial shell got you all covered.

During the program, you will experience learning, hands-on projects and continuous feedback from the company professionals that will help you grow in your chosen domain. For more details regarding the Shell Management Trainee & Internship program check the given details below.

Shell Summer Internship and Management Trainee Program 2024 Details

  • Country: Pakistan
  • Company: Shell
  • Programs Offered: Management Trainee & Internship
  • Open for: Undergraduates & Graduates
  • Fields Available: Multiple
  • Application Deadline: 26th May 2024

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Shell Management Trainee Benefits

  • An opportunity to grow in your chosen area.
  • Learning under the supervision of shell experts.
  • Strong network opportunities with colleagues.
  • Unparalleled training in your chosen domain that will enhance your career.
  • Provides you with the training and knowledge to make you a future leader.
  • Competitive salary packages & other perks and benefits.

Shell Summer Internship Benefits

  • Through the internship, you will know the shell from inside.
  • The internship will help you in deciding what career is right for you.
  • You will be assigned day-to-day projects that match your interests.
  • An opportunity to work alongside the Shell employees.
  • Supervisors will be assigned to the interns who will undertake daily assessments.
  • The internship can lead you to a full-time role through the Management Trainee Program.

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Application Process

Management Trainee Program

The application process for the management trainee consists of 4 stages that are:

Stage 1: Online Game Assessment, Once you have submitted the online application you will be notified once the game goes live.

Stage 2; Structured Review: This stage consists of face-to-face or virtual sessions with two shell experts.

Stage 3: Case study assessment, the last stage of assessment in which you will be asked to discuss your thoughts on a case study.

Stage 4: You will be reviewed on the basis of your assessment, interview and case study. successful candidates will be offered a placement.

Summer Internship Program:

The application process for the Shell summer internship consists of 3 stages that are:

Stage 1: Game Assessment, same as for the trainee program

Stage 2: Assessment Stage where you will have face-to-face or virtual interview sessions with the shell professionals. Candidates will be asked questions related to Capacity, achievement and relationship.

Stage 3: After successful completion of the above-mentioned stages you will be offered an internship.

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Application Deadline: All interested candidates must submit their online application before, May 26th 2024.


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