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Nova Scotia Announced 12,900 Study Permits for 2024 | Massive Drop

Canada: Nova Scotia, which is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada has made the announcement of Study permits for the session 2024. Here’s some news for you! News was announced on Mar 4 that Nova Scotia announced 12900 study permits for 2024. The decision was made after putting a cap on international students, which alarmingly is, by the way, 7,000 fewer than in 2023.

Currently, nearly 16,000 international students are undergoing full-time post-secondary courses in Nova Scotia as of October 2023. As a precedence, Nova Scotia can expect 7,740 international students in undergraduate programs in the next year.  In order to apply for a Canadian study permit you need to get an acceptance letter from Designated Learning Institute! Now, what is DLI let’s discuss it below… what are you waiting for keep scrolling down and check the given details below.

Designated learning Institute

To get a study permit for Canada, you need acceptance from DLI first. What is a DLI? The institutes that have formal approval from the respective governments to enroll international students are termed Designated learning institutions (DLIs). As per official data of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Nova Scotia has 41 designated learning institutions, with Ontario at the top of the list by fencing in 530 DLIs.

The 12900 seats are supposed to be divided among designated learning institutions (those approved to accept international students),” the government of Nova Scotia has announced. however, the government did not detail how the applications would be divided between public and private institutions but said his department is working on a model that is “fair.”

How to Check list of Designated Learning Institutions?

Step 1: Refer to this page

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select view list by province or territory e.g Nova Scotia.

Now, it will show all the names of institutes, DLI numbers, cities, and campuses. You can also check whether your institute offers a Post Graduate Work Permit program.


Designated Learning Institutions No of Study Permits
10 universities and Nova Scotia Community College 11,565
Private career colleges 710
Nine language schools 526
To accommodate any unexpected circumstances 99

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Why Massive Drops in Canada’s Study Permits?

Canada has imposed 2 years cap on international student visas this year to tackle the problem of some bad actors taking advantage of high international student tuition while providing poor education. This will lead to the approval of only 360,000 study permits, which is a massive drop of 35% from 2023. Be the lucky fella and grab a seat for yourself.

Resolving the housing/ accommodation problem is Canada’s top priority right now. The province’s institutions are instructed to develop international student sustainability plans delineating how students will be given admission, housed, and given access to the labour market.

In view of this instruction, the proposal is that institutions will be required to have on-campus housing for 15% of full-time students. However, unluckily, few – including Dalhousie University and Cape Breton University do not yet have enough accommodation on their campuses. Therefore, they are seeking to reduce their overall enrolment to 7,000 students within four years.


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