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The Ireland Work Visa Process 2024 | (Employment Permit Types)

Europe; and Ireland. Indeed, it is a dream come true for many!

The Ireland Work Visa Process 2024 Foreign Nationals            

Ireland is one of the few countries which provide employment permits to foreign nationals. Today, we explain the work visa process and the types of employment permits in simple steps. Well, you’re at the right place. Straight away going to statistics. The following no of work permits were issued to foreign nationals with years mentioned against each by Ireland in the recent past:

Year Employment Permits to Foreign Nationals
2022 39,955
2023 30,981
As of 15th March 2024 Up to 6,874 so far

                            *This includes all working sectors

Nationals of countries to whom Ireland work permits are issued include India, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Malaysia, and many more. Check out the Irelands – Employment stats here.

Ireland welcomes you irrespective of the fact from where you’re reading this blog. Yes, read the points.              

  • Firstly, if you’re a non-European you need to obtain an Ireland work permit.
  • Secondly, some nationals are also required to apply for a visa (The difference between a visa and a permit will be explained subsequently).
  • And thirdly, if you are coming to work in Ireland for more than 90 days then you have to apply for the Ireland Long Stay type D Visa (Explained latterly)

More details are appended below.

Types of Work Visas & Permits offered by Ireland

Ireland offers 9 types of employment visas that are:

1. Critical Skills Employment Permit The most common and popular type of Ireland employment work permit List of Occupations that are eligible for the Critical Skills Employment Permit
Critical Skills Employment Permit is targeted to highly qualified applicants Learn more about the Critical Skills Employment Permit
To encourage them to take up permanent residence in Ireland
2. Ireland General Employment Permit All types of occupations are eligible, such as seasonal, agriculture, and construction. Ineligible List of Occupations for Employment Permits
It is offered to the 3rd world country’s nationals Learn more about the General Employment Permit
For occupations that are experiencing a labour or skills shortage
3. Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permits For dependents of the Critical Skills Employment Permit holder Learn more about the Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit
4. Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit People who want to transfer to the Irish branch of a company they are already employed in Learn more about Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit.
5.        Internship Employment Permit For non-EU nationals Learn more about the Internship Employment Permit
Studying as a full-time student in a College/ university outside Ireland
In a discipline relevant to the occupations included on the Critical Skills Occupations List
6. Contract for Service Employment Permit Self-employed individuals
Those on short-term, specific service contracts
7. Sport and Cultural Employment Permit For professional athletes, sports coaches
Or folks in the cultural and entertainment industry
8. Exchange Agreement Employment Permit Issued for participants in approved exchange programs for work placements
9. Reactivation Employment Permit  For *non-EEA nationals
*Who previously held a valid employment permit and wish to return to the Irish workforce

Requirement For A Relevant Work Permit

  • Find an Employer: Secure a job in Ireland (For Job relevant job sites scroll down)
  • Your Employer will apply for an Employment Permit: The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) will issue the employment permit once your employer applies on your behalf.
  • Employment Permit Granted: If successful, you’ll receive an employment permit.

Difference B/W Work Visa And Work Permit

Work Visa Issued by the Irish government, which allows the recipient to travel to and work in Ireland.
Work Permit Issued by the Irish Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment (DETE), which only permits the recipient to work a specific job in Ireland.
  • Firstly, you’ll get your employment permit from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE).
  • Sequentially, you will be able to apply for an Employment visa
  • The following types of stay visas will be applied depending on the duration mentioned against each:
For up to 90 days  Short Stay (C) Visa
longer than 90 days  Long stay (D) visa
Processing time  up to 8 weeks (from the date on which your application is lodged at the visa office
  • You’ll submit your visa application with the Irish Immigration Service, including your employment permit for the duration mentioned above.
  • Check the application process for the Ireland visa – From this link


So far, we’ve read how to get a permit in Ireland, which took us to the conclusion that:

  • Firstly, we need to find a job in Ireland.
  • Ask the employer to apply for a work permit on our behalf first.
  • Then, apply for a work visa.
  • Submit your application to Irish immigration services, with an employment permit and apply for a visa as per duration (up to and above 90 days).

This leaves the only question in mind which is the gross route of all the blogs, from where to get a job in Ireland. No worries. The following are some sites that list more than 30,000 jobs in Ireland. Search for a Job there!

EURES’ Ireland


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