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Italy Launches Digital Nomad Visa 2024


The world has changed a lot after the evolution of the internet and the development of multiple earning ways. People now prefer to visit around the globe to their favourite locations work from there and change locations frequently. Hence, fulfilling their travelling dream and working as well!

Digital Nomads; are people who work on the internet/ digitally from multiple countries and frequently change their locations.

Italy has always topped the list of countries welcoming people from around the globe and in pursuit of being the best in this regard Italy has passed a new visa for remote workers on Mar 28 which will be effective from Apr 4. As of now, there has been no long-term legal way for digital nomads to work while staying in Italy and exploring rolling hills, deep valleys, and rugged coastlines.

What has Changed from the Previous Policy

The government of Italy has given a clearer picture of what a highly skilled worker is and has defined the criteria as a highly skilled worker hence the visa is open to the person who has an annual income 3 times the minimum level required for exemption from participation in healthcare costs in country which is around and under €28,000 annually.

Important Considerations

Health insurance –  Candidate to plan health insurance for the entire period of stay

Accommodation – Suitable accommodation for the entire length of stay

Previous activity – A declaration signed by the candidate’s previous employer,                ensuring the candidate has been a digital nomad for at least the past 6 months to be submitted in a valid diplomatic-consular office.

Crime record – Candidates who have committed a crime within the past 5 years, even with a non-definitive sentence, are not eligible.

Duration of Italian Digital Nomad Visas 2024

Former politician and member of the Five Star Movement; Luca Carabetta, was in favour of a Digital nomad visa and suggested that it would last for 1 year initially. As of the reports of last week following can be deduced:-

  • The permit will read as “digital nomad – remote worker
  • Will be valid for 1 year
  • Can be renewed annually (if the situation permits)
  • Will only be given to those having “advanced technological means

Good News: Digital nomads securing the digital nomad – remote workers may also bring family members along (with certain conditions).

Eligibility Criteria

A digital nomad visa is designed for the betterment of remote workers. The same visa in Italy is protected by Article 27 of the immigration code which ensures highly skilled workers’ interest in Italy only.

Italy considers a digital nomad as a citizen of a non- EU states “A digital nomad for Italy is a highly skilled worker which by the use of technology works remotely either by being self-employed or by working in collaboration with a company registered within Italy even if he’s not a resident of Italy

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Taxation Aspects for Digital Nomads in Italy

  • The candidate will be obliged to be tax-compliant in Italy before applying for the visa.
  • The Italian taxation office will confirm from the taxation department of the candidate’s respective countries about the candidate’s previous tax performance.

Advice; To acquaint yourself with all the taxes you’re supposed to pay in Italy and the concerned paperwork, get in contact with an Italian tax expert before applying for a visa.

Bottom line: A long list of requirements is in the pipeline to get this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get Italy’s digital nomad visas.

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How & When to Apply?

As of Apr 4, applications are open for Italy’s digital nomad visas.

Step 1 – Book an appointment with an Italian consulate in your own country

Step 2 – Documents required include:-

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of income
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of accommodation in Italy
  • A criminal record certificates

Step 3 – On approval of visa candidates will have 8 days for arrival to Italy and application of residence permit.

After a long time, living in Italy has been made so easy, go grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and live your dream life along with a beach with your loved ones, having your earning machine put on for a charge.


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