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Croatia Digital Nomad Visa 2024 | Step by Step Guide

Are you a Digital Nomad? Do you want to visit and work in Europe? Well, Croatia has made it easy for you through its Digital Nomad Visa. Officially known as the Republic of Croatia, it is a junction of central and southeast Europe. Croatia is one of the Schengen countries, the Schengen area consists of 26 European countries, and 22 of them are EU states namely Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, and many more. Hence, a person with Croatia Digital Nomad Visa is eligible to travel and visit other Schengen countries as well. About 60% of Croatians can speak English which makes it a very comfortable place for nomads to stay and communicate.

Croatia gives you (non-EU/EEA citizens) the opportunity to stay in the country for 1 year if you are a digital nomad through “The Croatia Nomad Visa”.

Digital Nomads; are people who work on the internet/ digitally from multiple countries and frequently change their locations. A digital Nomad can work from anywhere online and they are majorly Vloggers, Youtubers, Freelancers, Bloggers, Consultants, or remote employees if you fall into one of these categories then this opportunity is for you.

A Digital Nomad can work for any company registered in Croatia or he can also run his own company that is not registered in the Republic of Croatia. This blog will take you from the definition of a digital nomad and will acquaint you with its eligibility requirements, tax requirements, procedure for application, and benefits of this program.

Why Choose Croatia Being a Digital Nomad?

Croatia stands at the 5th spot in the World Digital Nomad Index, which is a ranking of the best countries for digital nomads. Its score is as high as 3.62 (As of December 2023)

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What is a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa?

Exploring Further

  • Eligible candidates for this program are non-EU/EEA citizens.
  • Candidates can stay in Croatia for up to a year extended up to 6 more months.
  • The visa is for Digital Nomads.
  • Candidates are exempted from paying Croatian income tax on foreign earnings
  • You can travel and visit Croatia’s Schengen Area
  • In Croatia, the cost of living is relatively low as compared to other parts of Europe.

Family members can also Join.


  • Passport – A Valid passport for at least 3 months beyond your stay
  • Proof of income – At least 2,539.31 EUR per month/ €30,471 in bank balance
  • Health Insurance – Valid health insurance covering Croatia
  • Accommodation – Proof of accommodation (lease agreement)
  • Criminal Record – Clean

Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Benefits

While having a chance to live in Croatia itself is one of the greatest benefits, however here are some extra benefits that you will be entitled to once you obtain a Croatian digital nomad visa then we’ll explain two of the most high-sounding benefits which are Tax Benefits & Road to Citizenship: –

  • Exemption from double taxation.
  • Staying longer in Croatia.
  • The chance to work where and when you want.
  • Road to Croatian citizenship.
  • Stable internet connection.

Tax Benefits

The most annoying tax on any nomad is the compulsion of paying double tax, which means paying taxes both in your own country and also paying the taxes in the country of your visit as a digital nomad.

However, this opportunity has opened a unique door for the applicant which is getting an Exemption from Double Taxation. If you are not working for a Croatian employer and you are already paying taxes in your country then you are exempt from paying taxes in Croatia.

Road to Citizenship

Living in the Croatian territory for five years on a Nomad Visa will make you eligible for permanent residency which then enables Croatian citizenship eligibility.

Documents Required

  • A valid passport
  • Health insurance proof
  • Proof of being a Digital Nomad and working remotely (get it from your current employer)
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Temporary place of residence in Croatia in the form of a lease agreement
  • A bank statement showing the following: –
    • Income proof
    • Bank balance
    • Payment proof
    • Salary slips

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How Much Does The Croatia Digital Nomad Visa Cost?

There are three ways of applying for The Croatia Digital Nomad Visa 2024:

  • Applying through a Croatian diplomatic mission
  • Applying through a police station (For Applicants Already in Croatia)
  • Applying online
Type Cost of applying
Applying through a Croatian diplomatic mission
Granting Temporary Stay HRK 420 (Around €55)
Digital Nomad Visa HRK 460 (Around €60)
Residence Card HRK 310 (Around €40)
Applying through a police station
Granting Temporary Stay HRK 350 (Around €45)
Administrative Fees HRK 70 (Around €10)
Residence Card HRK 240 (Around €30)
Urgent Issuing of the Residence Card HRK 450  (Around €60)
Applying online
Administrative Fees through Internet Banking HRK 350 (Around €45)
Residence Permit through Internet Banking HRK 240 (Around €30)
Urgent Issuing of Residence Permit through Internet Banking HRK 450 (Around €60)

Processing Time; Usually, it takes 1 month to get an answer on your Croatian digital nomad visa.

Application procedure

Step 1 – Submit the application either online or in-person to the Croatian embassy.

Step 2 – Complete and Submit your Application and required documents.

Step 3 – Pay Visa Fees.

Step 4 – Wait for Approval.

Congratulations! You’re done with your application process.

When you land in Croatia do pay a visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park which is indeed a Nature Masterpiece. It is indisputably one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in Croatia.

Step 5 – Upon reaching register temporary residence

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Please refer to the official Croatian Ministry of Interior’s website for the most up-to-date application process and requirements.

You can check the information regarding the visa for your specific country by visiting: the Croatia Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

To submit your visa application in person you can find you can locate the Croatia Embassy location in your home country here (List of diplomatic missions)



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