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Germany Opportunity Card 2024 – (Application Opens June 1st)

Looking for a potential opportunity to enter Germany for work? But you lack long-term job experience? No worries! This time, you can work in Germany with an Opportunity Card or “Chancenkarte.”

What is an Opportunity Card or “Chancenkarte?”

Germany Opportunity Card 2024 was introduced under Germany’s Skilled Immigration Act with the recent revisions in the rules and regulations of Germany’s immigration. The country is making an effort to recruit foreign talent due to the country’s aging population and present skills crisis.

One of the government’s strategies to address these issues is the Opportunity Card or “Chancenkarte” to seek the best and desired talent from all over the world. Candidates from non-EU nations can easily enter into Germany to work with the help of this amazing initiative.

And the best part? No need to show and provide any documentation of a long-term job agreement. Candidates who are identified as skilled workers or who achieve a minimum score of six points through the points system are awarded the Opportunity Card.

Furthermore, it is imperative to ensure that they have a reliable source of support throughout their visit. The main purpose of the opportunity card is to streamline and make easy the complicated entry procedures making immigration of qualified workers difficult. To know further details regarding the German Opportunity Card check the information below.

Main Benefit of Holding a Chancenkarte:

Candidates had to show proof permanent employment contract or a skilled worker in the past, and till now, this rule was there in Germany for the non-EU nations.

This complex rule made the entry requirements and procedures quite difficult for talented workers to immigrate. Hence, this is intended to be changed with the help of “Chancenkarte.” With the Opportunity Card, applicants from non-EU nations are assured a 12-month stay in Germany to pursue employment opportunities.

Employment Opportunity:

After the successful issuance of the Opportunity Card, you will be granted a 12-month German residency visa which allows you to hunt for suitable work throughout this time. Part-time work with up to 20 hours per week and two-week trial positions are the possibilities.

The trial work needs to be appropriate or targeted toward further instruction. You must apply for another residence title for Germany for a bit longer period if you acquire part-time or full-time employment.

Self-Employment Possibility:

If you apply at the local Foreigners’ Registration Office for a change of residence title, the cardholder can have self-employment along with terms and conditions. Up to 20 hours of labor each week and an unlimited number of two-week trial jobs are allowed under the terms of the Opportunity Card.

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Germany Opportunity Card 2024 Requirements

  1. The candidate should have at least two years of vocational training or a university degree.
  2. Basic knowledge of German (A1) or English (B2).
  3. The minimum requirement of the points to be able to work in Germany is six points.
  4. Proof of being able to finance your living expenses in Germany by showing:
  • A bank account in Germany and show a saving of €11,208.
  • An Employment Offer from Germany.
  1. If you’ve stayed in Germany previously but not as a tourist, you have a plus point of qualifying for the Opportunity Card.

How To Apply?

  • To apply for the Germany Opportunity Card, you can visit the Foreigners’ Registration Office or the German Diplomatic Mission/embassy from 1st June 2024.
  • If you’re from a non-EU country, it means you reside in a third country then you’re eligible to apply.
  • It takes weeks to months the process a card.
  • The duration of stay in Germany with an Opportunity Card is one year but extension is possible with the required documents.
  • Applications will be starting on 1st June 2024.

Number Of Opportunity Cards for Issuance:

The German government decides how many cards to distribute. If there is a lot of demand, though, this can affect. The government has the right to set a cap if there is an excessive demand for Opportunity Cards.

What Is a Point System?

The Points system is based on the following aspects:

  • Education
  • Language Skills
  • Living Expenses
  • Experience
  • Previous Visit
  • Spouse Qualification

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Opportunity Card Perks:

  • Applicants from non-EU nations can have a 12-month stay in Germany to pursue employment opportunities.
  • Easy and fast entry into Germany with no complicated examination procedure.
  • The applicant is allowed to work part-time jobs for about 20 hours alongside looking for a permanent job.
  • Two-week trial jobs are also permitted.
  • Possibility of permanent residence in Germany (1 year).
  • Extension is possible after getting the job.
  • Securing your livelihood with a good income and a minimum wage of 12.00 euros gross per hour.
  • For a full-time job, your net income will rise to over 1000 euros a month.
  • By fulfilling the minimum requirements, you can come and work in Germany even if you’re not recognized as a skilled worker.
  • Once you get a full-time job, you must apply for a corresponding residence title through your local Foreigners’ Registration Office.

Opportunity Card Points Calculator

Visit this opportunity card calculator to check for your points.

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Living and working in Germany has always been a dream of many including you, which is the reason you’ve come up to this point while reading this blog. Get started! Apply straight away and be in Germany as soon as possible.


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