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Meti Japan Internship 2024 | Fully Funded

A exciting opportunity for Foreign Nationals who are seeking internship opportunities abroad. Call for the application for the Meti Japan Internship 2024! The internship is offered by the government of Japan for the national of developing countries listed on the OECD/DAC list. Applicants who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs or have graduated are invited to submit the application.

The internships are offered to talented foreigners who are interested in working in Japanese companies. You can participate in the internship program either physically or virtually making it easier for the applicants who are unable to travel to Japan to attend the internship. This is a fully funded internship by the Government of Japan the program covers Accommodation, Meals, Stipend, air travel tickets, and much more which we will discuss later in the benefits section.

Male/Female candidates who hold citizenship of eligible countries are highly encouraged to apply for the METI Government of Japan internship. The application process is online and needs to be submitted before 30th June 2024. A total number of 60 host companies in Japan are participating in this internship program each company will select one intern per company. The Japan internship program office will evaluate the applications and place the applicants in the host companies.

To know more about the METI Internship such as requirements, criteria, and application process check the information below.

Details About METI Japan Internship 2024

  • Country: Japan
  • Internship by: METI (Government of Japan)
  • Internship Mode: Online, Physical
  • Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Open For: Eligible Countries
  • Application Deadline: 30 June 2024

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Internship Mode

You have two options for attending the internship

1. In-person

The in-person internship will take place in the participating host companies in Japan, you must be physically present in the office to attend the program.

2. Online Internship

You can attend the internship remotely within your home workplace under the instruction of the host company.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Foreign nationals from the eligible countries are only eligible to apply
  • The internship is open for both students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs to those who have been graduated
  • Citizens of the People’s Republic of China are not eligible to apply
  • Age requirement: 28-40 years

METI Internship Coverage

  • Visa Assistance to enter Japan
  • Covers Round Trip Air Travel Tickets
  • Accommodation for the duration of the internship
  • Personal computer for the duration of the internship by the host company
  • Physical internship stipend of 3000 yen per day
  • Virtual internship stipend of 1,000 yen per day
  • Internship insurance

Applications Requirements

  • Applicants proficiency in Japanese or English language.
  • Certificate of enrollment from host institute for students who are enrolled in degree programs.
  • Certificate of graduation from host institutes for students who have graduated.
  • Letter of recommendation from university faculty.
  • Applicants must fulfill all the requirements required by each company.

Interns Role

  • Engaged in various pre-training and follow-up training.
  • Submit daily reports, notifications, and documents after the internship.
  • Participation in Japanese Language course.
  • Develop the goals and role with the manager.

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Application Process

The application process for the Meti Government of Japan consists of 3 steps that are:

Step 1: Recruitment & Matching

Step 2: Acceptance & Procedures

Step 3: Implementation

Interns belonging to the eligible nationals will be recruited.

Based on the application applicant’s aptitude, experience, and understanding are checked.

The JIP office will match the interns according to the company requirements, a match is done on mutual agreement.

At the end, acceptance notification is sent to both the intern and the host company.



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